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Amy's Blog


I love plants and flowers. I love watching plants grow, it makes me happy. I love making bouqets of flowers, My first were for my grandmother Adelpha Specter in Erie Pennsylvania as soon as I could wander in the "woods" behind our house up from the creek, the same creek ran down behind my grandmother's house a few miles away. Gramma was pleased with my boquets, she also had a her yard full of Ivy that grew everywhere, Gramma had cuttings she called "slips" and she would say "I have a few slips for my friend starting", she showed me when the roots would start to grow, I was amazed to see those grow and soon grew in circles filling the clear glass jars or her favorite was an oil lamp base that was no longer used, no glass chimney, instead the ivy would be growing out of the top instead of a flame in the water......water there is a word eh? I learned to respect it when I was young, "turn of the tap youre wasting water" i have a well and those were useful lessons. We lived not far from Lake Erie, lots of water there yet we had water restrictions in the summer for using water for the lawns of the neighborhoods, odds and even numbers rationing the precious commodity.

Today living in Arizona, specifically the Phoenix area, I am forever amazed at the lack of rationing of water here, in our desert....


Today is my deceased sister's birthday Candice Mae Little, from lung cancer, just after her 60th birthday and she is missed. 

4/9/22 Saturday

A lovely wedding order to deliver and my new van 5k miles has a flat flat!! LOL We will get there on time yet:)


Happy Mothers Day!! I am a mom and I my 2 children now grown have their own children and my gratitude cup runs over with blessings. I hope you all have a lovely time celebrating, moms that are here, as well as fond memories of those not with us any longer. Daily I think of my mom Nancy, how she always did the best she could and took care of us as her life allowed. I miss you mom. Occasionally, I will mention I will die and they will miss me.....God bless us all xoxo