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April 1, 2024 another day another dollar, good grief, keeping sanity sane in these times is a big deal....road rage, angry folks, without making eye contact, someone driving at me head onand ignoring that fact, I ad to pull over, and as she drove by she looked straight ahead, God help us all....then the abstratct beauty of life ere and now in te eternal moment.

We ave blessings and more blessings, my gratitude is overwhelming when I make my little gratitude list. On my day to do list first I make my gratitude list, breathing, family, utilities, roof, food, pets, c;othes my list goes on and on. Te biggest struggle personally is the not go down the rabbit hole of negative thinking eh?? Have a lovely day :) 

11/8/23 As this 2023 Holiday season is upon me please , I say to myself Amy, keep a grateful and helpful attitude.

Another day another dollar, living life in gratitude for a day that we can be helpful and do something for ourselves, our families,  our dear customers, all those we come in contact with....yes even the person that cuts me off driving, my goal is for safety and an ever widening circle of blessings and peace for us all.

The atmosphere in our human society here on our planet is frantically trying to make sense of the condition we find ourselves in. I personally have strong opinions about territorial conflicts and want to live in peace. A territorial space can be as small as a parking space...recently someone in a large pick up truck was aghast and gestured extreme frustration with me that I pulled into the space next to him. I was cofused, and rolled down my front passenger window, to ask him what was the problem. He then too put his driver window down and said "you have the whole parking lot!" Wow, lol for real. As my parking lot Angel would have it the space was in front of the store I was entering ...... I am grateful, not hateful.... I smiled and said "thank you, have a good day" to the driver, and put my window back up. I went about my business. BLESS us all,  really really bless us all in our thoughts and actions. Good thoughts lead to good actions that lead to good outcomes, I heard that in a Yoga class. I am much much happier when I focus my little human mind on Gratitude.   

5/15/23 Monday
well well well, a brilliant Mother's Day for us, we hope you all were safe, and well fed.  We ate well at my daughter's home, and enjoyed everyone and I am so grateful to be able to do so, when so many are not able to be with their loved ones. 

Wow, what beautiful weather here today, low 90's and dry air. We have had lots of rain the past 7 months, much nneded for the water levels here, well everywhere in the South West. Spring is bloomimg all of our trees and wild flowers, allergies too, runny noses, watering eyes and such. All good right eh!

 We are busy for the Mother's Day coming in a few dyas, lots of amazing designs by our skilled and wonderful designers. Too many blessings to count, I am grateful beyond words....kind thoughts to you all...


Well another year, one holiday gone and more on the way, we contiinue to give our loyal customers the best value possible for their dollars. Driving, weather, gas prices, everything is fluid, quality is not LOL....we strive to have a good result for everyone, our vendors, our customers and of course our amazing staff,,,,they all take pride in a job well finished and getting paid right?? God Bless...A


Fall is upon us, still in the 90's here daytime cooling off in the evening. We are planning on moving into Solar power and EV deliveries as quickly as we can manage. it is paramount that we embrace what we can do to change in our own "HULA HOOP:)" 

I was raised recycling before it was the fashion or ideology of our current circumstances on our planet EARTH. In the 60's my father Louie, would flatten tin cans and take them to the scrap yard, he used broken glass to create beautiful lamps and candle holders, AND in the 70's Mom, always bundled newspapers, they were the first...... does  anyone recall those dumpsters that were used. Graduating to aluminum beverage cans and glass containers  .....then the invasive PLASTIC became pervsive in our lives for packaging as well as everday lifestyle products we embraced with a gratitude, they were cheap and abundant. Unfortunately, as consumers, we were short sighted and unable to look into the future and forsee the catostropic consequences to our environment. 

We EARTHLINGS, manufacterers, consumers and scientists are working ferverishly to remove and assimilate these products and try to re-use again the PLASTIC, turning it into diesel fuel and new usable products. 

How quickly I personally can navigate these changes requires I remain open minded and willing. We recycle most of our waste in our work[place, I am vigilant and still find a plastic water bottle in the trash dumpster, I pick it out and toss it in our recycle container.  I save plastic bags, soft packaging materials that WalMart and Kohls takes back for the recycle effort. I still use, used  plastic bags, many uses for them, LOL dog poop, covering dishes in the frig, processing hair conditioner treatments or hair list goes on and on...

We recently changed the PVC covering on our greenhouse, a single sheet of plastic 80' x 40'.....we will re-use that on another structure as well as line containers with plastic as need for water leaking prevention in our house plants. Shipping rates are high, the freight was more than the product itself, only coming from Texas....Costs are increasing rabidly for all of us. Hang we will be able to survive and thrive, we are a resiliant lot, us HUMANS......big hugs.... 


Its Hot!! LOL so whats new, that's Phoenix, storms are here and there, big winds, thrashing all items not tied down.....even then, whipping power lines and wreaking havoc....climate..... weather, I try to do what i can, drive a hybrid, turn lights off, yadda yadda, can I really affect any change, I feel so powerless over the condition of our planet. The rising temps, of the air and oceans. Our Earth may survive, however, humans, God bless us all....thoughts and prayers to you. A.


I love plants and flowers. I love watching plants grow, it makes me happy. I love making bouqets of flowers, My first were for my grandmother Adelpha Specter in Erie Pennsylvania as soon as I could wander in the "woods" behind our house up from the creek, the same creek ran down behind my grandmother's house a few miles away. Gramma was pleased with my boquets, she also had a her yard full of Ivy that grew everywhere, Gramma had cuttings she called "slips" and she would say "I have a few slips for my friend starting", she showed me when the roots would start to grow, I was amazed to see those grow and soon grew in circles filling the clear glass jars or her favorite was an oil lamp base that was no longer used, no glass chimney, instead the ivy would be growing out of the top instead of a flame in the water......water there is a word eh? I learned to respect it when I was young, "turn of the tap youre wasting water" i have a well and those were useful lessons. We lived not far from Lake Erie, lots of water there yet we had water restrictions in the summer for using water for the lawns of the neighborhoods, odds and even numbers rationing the precious commodity.

Today living in Arizona, specifically the Phoenix area, I am forever amazed at the lack of rationing of water here, in our desert....


Today is my deceased sister's birthday Candice Mae Little, from lung cancer, just after her 60th birthday and she is missed. 

4/9/22 Saturday

A lovely wedding order to deliver and my new van 5k miles has a flat flat!! LOL We will get there on time yet:)


Happy Mothers Day!! I am a mom and I my 2 children now grown have their own children and my gratitude cup runs over with blessings. I hope you all have a lovely time celebrating, moms that are here, as well as fond memories of those not with us any longer. Daily I think of my mom Nancy, how she always did the best she could and took care of us as her life allowed. I miss you mom. Occasionally, I will mention I will die and they will miss me.....God bless us all xoxo